The University of Toronto Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the Physics Department, the Mathematics Department, and CITA, as well as the Perimeter Institute, are jointly operating a shuttle service between the two institutions. 

Presently, the shuttle operates as a return trip from U of T to PI in the morning (default 9am) and back in the afternoon (default 5pm) on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Additionally, Perimeter researchers may travel to UoT on Fridays following the PI-UoT Collaborative Travel Policy.


If you would like to use the shutlte, make an account on this website and add your name to a given scheduled shuttle date to reserve your seat. 

A ride is booked automatically if there is at least one reservation for that ride at 9am the business day before the ride, at which point the ride's status in the front page list will be changed to "shuttle requested". (Beware of public holidays before your ride.) If you are the first person to request the ride after this deadline, the shuttle might not be booked in time. If there is a problem please email Helen Iyer (

If you sign up for a day and cannot make it, please remove your name from the sign-up sheet. If no-one signs up for a ride, the shuttle is not booked. If you are the only person on the shuttle, please email Helen so she can cancel the shuttle reservation. 

If everyone on the outgoing trip would like to stay longer (e.g. to stay for dinner at PI), the return pickup time can often be changed by calling the transportion company (phone number in expanded details of each ride on the front page).