Instructions and Information

The University of Toronto Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the Physics Department, the Mathematics Department, and CITA, as well as the Perimeter Institute, are jointly operating a shuttle service between the two institutions. Funding is renewed year-by-year based on demand, and has currently been approved until the end of 2020. 

Presently, the shuttle operates as a return trip from U of T to PI in the morning (default 9am) and back in the afternoon (default 5pm) on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Additionally, Perimeter researchers may travel to UoT on Fridays following the PI-UoT Collaborative Travel Policy.

For more information on the shuttle, please contact Helen Iyer ( or Prof. David Curtin (

Making Bookings:
Please use the schedule on the front page to reserve or cancel rides. The ride for a day (both morning and evening trip) is booked automatically if there is at least one reservation for that ride at 9am the business day before the ride, at which point the ride's status below will be changed to "shuttle requested". (Beware of public holidays or weekends before your ride.) If you are the first person to request the ride after this deadline, the shuttle might not be booked in time. If there is a problem please email Helen Iyer ( 
The default booking is two-way (Toronto to PI in the morning, return in evening) but you can also book just a morning or evening trip. You can also leave a short comment if you want to share useful information with your fellow passengers.
If the shuttle is full, you can add your name to the waitlist on the schedule, and if someone cancels their ride you will be able to join.


If you booked a trip and cannot make it, please cancel your booking on this website before 7am (morning trips and two-way) or 11am (evening trip only) the day of the ride. On the day of the ride, the system will check if there have been cancellations, or if the bookings are for the morning/evening only, and it will automatically cancel the morning trip, evening trip, or both, as needed. If you miss these deadlines, email Helen Iyer (


Late Returns:
When making a booking, you can indicate whether you would like to return later in the evening than the standard 5pm time, e.g. to stay for dinner. This is a secret vote to avoid peer-pressure. If all passengers prefer a late return, the system will send the passengers an email and you then have the option to coordinate amongst each other to rebook the taxi for the later time that you prefer. 


Office Space at Perimeter: 
Perimeter has limited office space, and occasionally there might not be visitor offices available. In that case the Reflecting Lounge on the ground floor is usually reserved as office space for visitors from Toronto, please take advantage if needed.